By the year 2011, America’s demographics will have greatly changed and we will have become a much more diverse nation. You’ve probably noticed these changes taking place in your neighborhoods and schools. African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders make up at least one-half of the residents in one out of every ten of the nation’s counties.

The changing face of America raises important questions throughout our society, especially in electoral politics. Are minorities fairly represented at all levels of politics? Do we have an equal voice and an equal opportunity to elect representatives who consider our needs and interests?

The process called “redistricting” will determine how our local school board, city council, state legislative and congressional districts are drawn. How can our communities participate? How can we ensure that our interests are being heard and represented by our elected officials? How can we ensure that the voting strength of our communities is not weakened? What are the important factors to consider in redistricting?

This website will answer these questions by laying out the importance of getting involved with the redistricting process, and providing resources and contact information.